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Mercedes-Benz Actros Pure Range

Ready for the job. Ready to hit the road. The Actros Pure range comes with a range of features to assist with making work convenient, enjoyable and efficient - and it's available right now. Available in 5 different model types, these competitively priced vehicles are well equipped and capable of meeting a wide range of requirements and demands. Each unit features a low-entry access, wireless mobile phone charging and impressive safety assistance systems such as the new Active Brake Assist 5. Explore our available models today and take advantage of our flexible financing options and complimentary scheduled servicing*.

The Actros Pure Prime Mover range is built to meet the growing demands of long-distance and heavy-distribution haulage.
  • This limited-edition 6x4 truck comes with complete with an aerodynamic L-Cab ClassicSpace cab and an efficient Euro 6 engine with a choice of two different outputs (455hp or 530hp).
The Actros Pure Rigid range is an economical choice for medium to heavy-duty distribution and vocational tasks, especially in built-up areas.
  • This limited-edition 6x2 or 6x4 truck comes complete with an aerodynamic M-Cab ClassicSpace cab and an efficient Euro 6 engine with an output of 299hp..
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