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Electric Mercedes-Benz Truck Bound for Australia and New Zealand

Mercedes-Benz Trucks Electric eActros

Mercedes-Benz Trucks says its eActros models will hit Australia and New Zealand next year.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks will begin a local evaluation program for the all-electric eActros in Australia and New Zealand early next year.

Initially, four eActros trucks will get to work in Australia and one unit will hit the road in New Zealand, with additional units to follow. Mercedes-Benz says the eActros, which has just been launched in Europe, produces zero local emissions and operates near silently.

Daimler Truck has extensive experience with electric commercial vehicles and was the first manufacturer with an all-electric truck when the Fuso eCanter broke new ground when it was launched locally in 2021.

Customers on both sides of the Tasman Sea have embraced the all-electric eCanter, appreciating the near smooth and quiet operation, active safety features, ease of use and original equipment manufacturer backing.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks Australia Pacific Director Andrew Assimo says he is excited to start the local evaluation program for eActros as part of a drive towards CO2-neutral goods transport.

"We are excited to conduct this extensive testing program on the roads of Australia and New Zealand for the advanced and innovative all-electric eActros, a truck that represents an exciting new chapter for sustainable road transport in our region," he says.

"Mercedes-Benz Trucks always makes sure the advanced technology we introduce locally is tailored for our unique conditions and meets the specific requirements of our customers with extensive local evaluation and it is no different with zero emission electric technology."

Daimler Truck says it is committed to advancing battery electric technology for trucks and buses, but is also working on hydrogen fuel cell technology that is well suited to Australian requirements of longer distances at higher weights.

While hydrogen fuel cell trucks are currently being tested, they are still some years away from introduction. Battery electric Mercedes-Benz trucks are already in production and out on the road with leading European fleets.

Assimo says Mercedes-Benz Trucks is excited to fulfill customer demand and bring the all-electric eActros to Australia and New Zealand.

"Our key customers are very passionate about advanced electric heavy vehicles and we are thrilled to begin the evaluation program that will ensure our electric Actros will succeed in our market," he says.

"We are excited to help our customers along their emission reduction pathways with class-leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) trucks that are genuine workhorses and carry out their work in near silence producing zero local emissions."

At this stage, Mercedes-Benz Trucks is not ready to announce when the eActros will be made available to customers in Australia and New Zealand.

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